About Jeff Newlin

For the last eleven years I’ve helped a lot of churches raise a lot of money.  But that’s not the way I view what I’ve done.  From my perspective what I’ve done is build up a lot of churches in the grace of giving. There’s a big difference between the two.

In II Cor 8:1 Paul speaks of the poor Macedonian Church’s extraordinary generosity for the Jewish Christians in Jerusalem as “the grace of God,” i.e. the unmerited gift of God.  But in II Cor 8:7 he also speaks of this grace of giving as something that he wants the Corinthian Church to excel in.

What I love about this, and what I have based my stewardship ministry upon, is that true human generosity is a gift from God.  Yet, at the same time, generosity is a virtue that Christians, and people of every other religion that I know of, are urged to grow in and strive for.   Paradoxically, this human generosity and the human effort that produces it is but another expression of God’s preceding grace towards us.

Church stewardship campaigns provide unique opportunities for Christians to grow in their understanding of the importance of giving and their experience of the joy of giving.  I am convinced that if I focus on building up the church in the grace of giving that the money will take care of itself.


Why Work with Jeff?



A church’s capital campaign potential is effected by many variables: project/s, lead donor potential, demographics, length of time since previous campaign, etc.  I consistently get high MOIs (the Multiple Of annual Income that a church is able to raise in 3 yrs) relative to a church’s campaign potential, and am happy to share the results of comparable situations with congregations.  But most importantly, the great majority of the churches I work with are delighted with the amount of money that they raise. 


Money should never be an end in itself, especially in a church.  Money in the church should always serve a spiritual purpose, to advance the cause of Christ.  Therefore, it is essential that the money be raised in a spiritual way.   Many church members have told me that their campaign decisions have brought them great joy and deepened their commitment to Christ.  Many pastors have told me that their campaigns have deepened the stewardship cultures of their churches and united their congregations more profoundly on their central Christian mission.


Church Fundraising

I was an RSI Stewardship Consultant for 11 years, from Sept, 2004 – June, 2016. RSI has worked with over 11,000 churches since it was founded in 1972 in Dallas, TX, and raised over $11 billion for those churches in the process.  I learned much from RSI and contributed much to RSI. During my RSI years I worked with over 90 churches on over 120 capital campaigns.  These churches represent 28 denominations and 33 states, plus Canada.  They also reflect tremendous variety in size, budget, theology, length of pastorate, etc. 


I was a Presbyterian Pastor (PC USA) for 27 years, serving six churches in a variety of settings. Unlike many pastors, I loved talking about money in relation to the gospel and appealing for money to fund my churches’ ministry visions. I led successful capital campaigns in three different congregations. I emphasized annual operating budget giving in all my congregations and annual operating budget giving steadily grew in all of my congregations. I inherited churches with endowments and developed those endowments in order to attract more bequests.